Why do I Need “Authority”?

  Why do professional content marketers talk about the need for business to have authority?  Authority is what separates the good from the great in the world of business. The difference in authority is the difference between you making a burger and McDonalds© making a burger.  You are not as well known as McDonalds©. Because you have far less authority on how to make a burger that is widely known.

How do you start to get authority?  Simple, start by getting your name out there.  Start posting on social media sites and get your brand, name, logo in front of as many people as possible as often as possible.  The more people see what you and your brand represent the better.


Why do we want to be seen by as many people as possible?  Think of it like running for any public office. As a candidate, for you to have any chance of winning, people need to know that you are running!  You need to get the word out that you are running for office.

If you do not no one will know and you won’t get elected.  The same goes for whatever it is that your brand does. If people don’t know what you do, you are not communicating properly.   You are wasting your time thinking people will guess correctly what you do. While you might get some clients you are settling for far less than what you could have.  Thus by default you are doing your business a disservice in the process.


Starting to get authority can take quite some time especially if no one knows who you are.  Of course there are some special features that the pros use to develop real authority at a much quicker pace.  

One of the key factors is simply have as many real friends as possible and communicate with them regularly.  By having a lot of connections you will increase your chances of gaining authority. Just because you know a lot of people does not guarantee that you are going to have the most influence.  It simply puts the odds in your favor.


You must give value.  All persons of authority have at some point or another given advice or value of some sort before they went to public fame.  Typically the more value that a person gives the more authority that he receives. This is a false thought. Most of the people in authority or influence tend to help those less fortunate than them. This does not set the level of authority one has; rather it helps with the publicity of the thing or person that gives value.

So far we have answered why it is necessary to be seen by a  large number of people.

  • It takes time to set up yourself as a person of authority.
  • You must give value to the public to increase your standing in the public eye.

These things and a few other secret sauces help to put your business in the peak position to be seen as a brand with authority in your field of expertise.


The absolute fastest way to get the most authority quickly is to hire a professional team.  A team that specializes in generating authority and results for their clients.

Not all digital gurus are the same.  Much like there are no 2 masters that teach kung fu exactly the same.  Each guru will have his own strength and hopefully the wisdom to have a good team close to him.  Not all digital ‘gurus’ have a team some do and others have huge buildings.


Think about it like a mechanic.  Not all mechanics are fair. Some will break something to see you back the next week.  Others will be upfront and honest with you.

For most people, because they don’t know much about cars, they trust the system or the mechanic that they take the car to.  We already talked about how trust was a important factor that contributed to the mantle of being called an ‘ authority’ .


That is where 3E-Consulting has the ability to help you and your brand.  

3E-Consulting is a leading authority in the digital marketing age.  We are true to our word and have a vested interest to see our clients reach their very best goals.


Give us a call today  and see if we can help you increase your authority and profit in the marketplace.


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