All Businesses Need a Blog

Why Every Business Needs A Blog

If you think a blog is just a platform for an individual’s self expression, think again! Business blogging is one of the newest, hottest ways to build your business and increase your profits – no matter what kind of products or services you offer!  Here are just a few reasons why every business should take advantage of blogging.  

Blogging is Easy and Inexpensive

Blogs are easy and inexspensive

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to improve your Google page rank and get your business noticed.  Essentially, when you have a good blog going, and you keep it constantly updated, Google’s search engines will notice your business before other similar businesses in the area.  This is especially true if your entire website has been built with SEO in mind.

It is simple to have a blog built into your website and it is easy enough to maintain it yourself.  You could also have your SEO company’s writers craft updates that will keep your customers informed and get your blog noticed easily too.  

Blog entries are inexpensive – even if you hire someone else to do them.  They often cost less than $25 per article.  One word of caution – do not outsource to a non-native English speaker to write blogs for you!  Writers in countries like India and Pakistan, as well as other Asian countries will write content for pennies on the dollar. The results, however, are not normally usable and can even result in a lower page rank because of the language barrier.  In a nutshell, you get what you pay for.  

Blogging Is Immediate

Results are almost immediate

You can write a blog entry and publish it immediately, so it’s up on your website just as soon as you’ve hit the “publish” button.  Technical things such as page structure, coding, or establishing links do not need to be considered.  You also don’t have to wait for your IT person to work your new information into his or her schedule.  You can basically keep people informed on an up-to-the minute basis, if you want!  No doubt this makes putting content on your site much easier.  

Blogging Converts To Income For Your Company

Considering the fact that more and more people conduct internet research on their own before investing in a product or service, companies that have a great looking website that includes a blog filled with useful and valuable information tend to see a greater return on investment once they’ve got the site and blog optimized.  

Blogging and create cash

By creating a blog you are telling potential customers that you have an online “heartbeat” and that you are still alive and active.  Being active online is huge for some customers that don’t trust online companies easily.  It is up to you how you define “active” and the suggestion is that to be considered active you need to be putting out something at least three times a week when you are starting out to fill up your suite with content.  

Once you become better established and have a regular stream of traffic then you might be OK to let up on the gas pedal.  It is important to note that when doing a blog, consistency is the chief factor that you can use to your advantage.  Have you ever been strolling down Tumblr, Facebook or YouTube and see something that you like and want to see more?  For me, I check the publishing history to determine if the site is still active and if there is a recent post I’m more likely to check back in with the site.  

Asking yourself what you look for when you visit sites can give you an idea as to what others might be thinking when they look at your blog.

Let’s summarize:

• Blogging is easy and inexpensive.

• Blogging is immediate ……you hit the “publish” button and voila you have content on your blog.

• Blogging has the potential to create income for your company.

• Blogging allows customers to know that you are still active and have a “heartbeat”.

Ask yourself what you look for in blogs and try to implement those ideas into your own.

Remember that you do not have to go on this adventure alone you have many resources available at your disposal.  If you have any questions or if you want help creating your own blog contact us at 3E Consulting to find out more about how blogging can help increase your profitability.