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You are a business owner and we understand that you are looking for the best value in the products and services that you purchase.  Regardless of what you are attempting to accomplish our job is clear:

Assess the work that needs to be done and weigh that against the resources available in order to design a plan that provides the greatest SEO value in the most cost effective way possible. And keep the SEO Simple.

Many aspects of SEO may seem like an endless process and some of it is, especially in the areas of content creation, building backlinks and keyword research.

However, not everything is ongoing.  Many of the more one-time enhancements have a significant effect on your ranking.  They can even help your ability to be found by mobile users and in local searches.

Each campaign starts with a good in depth on-site audit. There are many ranking factors related directly within a website.

Prior to any work, we need to spend some quality time learning about your business and what you want your web site and associated properties to accomplish.

We have an in-depth questionnaire that we need to sit with you and fill out, with as much information as possible. There is no cost to this phase of a campaign. It is very important that we are on the same page as far as the goals that you have for your site and social media. The keywords that you are targeting and the conversions that you are looking for.

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Then, we start with the audit. Throughout the audit, we identify the areas within the site that need to be cleaned up to maximize the most important on-site ranking factors. Additionally, during the audit we look at how the keywords are being used and the content on the site. We take a very close look at Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to gauge your traffic and what the behavior of your traffic is as well as making sure that there are no crawl errors that need to be attended to.

From the Audit we develop an executive summary that outlines what we feel is the best course of action to do the best job of meeting your goals in the most effective and efficient manner.

Because each business and each site is unique, each campaign is different and unique.  We do not have a bullet list of services we provide such as

  • checkSite Audit
  • checkContent Creation
  • checkSite Optimization
  • checkBacklink building
  • checkSocial Page Reviews

Not a cookie cutter process

 If there is something that needs to be done, that we do not feel comfortable with, we will make that clear right up front…communication is very important.  From the beginning through the end, we will not dodge our phone or screen our email.  We are committed to your success as your partner

I am not in the habit of digging holes that I cannot get out of. It does me no good, nor does it help you.

Give us a call or send us an email and let us see what the possibilities are to grow your business!

Tim has proven leadership and coaching skills.  He is excellent at working side-by-side with others to share his knowledge and train them in what they need to know.  He is always willing to share what he knows

Terry M 


Tim defines integrity and character to me.  He has personally advised me in the concepts of operational excellence, and I can rely on Tim to provide straight forward and honest input.  I respect Tim’s opinion and I’m confident that any organization will reap the rewards of Tim’s business acumen and practical knowledge.

Thomas G Functional Black Belt Operational Excellence