Local SEO and Mobile SEO are linked

Local and Mobile SEO are Closely linked

Mobile SEO and local SEO have become linked due to the increasing use of Smartphones and Tablets. The marketplace has caused Google to make many changes in these channels over the last several years. It should not be surprising considering that in late 2014 the number of searches performed with mobile devices over took desktop searches.

Mobile goes beyond Local SEO

Even though mobile and local are closely related, there are differences. Mobile is unique in many ways. When Google rolled out their “Mobile Friendly Update” in 2014, it changed the way that Websites need to display on mobile devices if you want your site’s ranking to stay consistent. What this means is that one of two things need to happen, your website needs to be built in what is called a responsive manner or if that is not possible there needs to be a Mobile version of your website created.

Mobile marketing is a unique discipline in its own right. From simple Mobile campaigns using SMS (Short Message Service) to Geo targeting, Geo Fencing and Beacons. Mobile can be used to directly market to your customers and it is very effective in re-marketing.

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